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Ford Racing Modular Crate Engine Build Process
Ford Racing Modular Crate Engine Build Process for Ford Overhead Cam Engines

Not all too long ago, the term "dual overhead cam engine" was reserved for the high-tech racing community. Although the DOHC technology employed in mainstream production engines is almost commonplace today, the technical procedures to machine and assemble a modern DOHC engine is rather complex.

Compared to the Windsor-based Ford V8 engine family, the modular four-valve engines require greater attention to detail regarding machining, torque sequences, number of fasteners - the overall complexity of the assembly process itself. For an inside look, we followed the build of a 4.6-liter dual overhead cam V8 down the same line as the 5.0 "Cammer" to see how it all works.

A CNC machine is used to bore the cylinders on center, deck the block and chamfer the tops of the cylinder bores.

Finish-honing of the cylinder bores is accomplished via a Gehring CNC hone.

After honing, all cylinder bores are inspected for concentricity and final finish.

Cylinder heads are checked with 27.5 inches of vacuum to ensure the integrity of valve sealing.

The main bearing cap bolts are torqued down to spec by an automated torquing machine.

After the short block is completed, the rotating effort is checked to verify proper assembly tolerances.

Spin-testing facilitates checking for compression, oil pressure, oil flow, and effort to turn the long-block assembly.

Vacuum is also applied to the crankcase to check for any air leaks.

Engine oil has a dye added to it that shows up under a black light to reduce the possibility of undetected leaks.

Long-block coolant passages are air-pressure checked to make sure there are no leaks in the block, heads, or gaskets.

As a final step, engine assemblies are run for 20 minutes to inspect for oil and water leaks and to check oil pressure.

Ford Racing Performance Parts' "Cammer" motor is the ultimate high-performance derivative of the Ford 4.6-liter engine. Others might make 5.0-liter modular engines, but only FRPP engines are backed by the Ford oval. Whether you want an FRPP 5.0-liter "Cammer" for the performance, the exclusivity or the looks, Ford know-how is with you every step of the way. And with 100 years of racing success behind it, that means you are getting the very best

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