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FORD RACING 2005-2008 MUSTANG V-6 MUFFLER KIT M-5230-V6 Ford Performance 2005-2009 V6 Mustang Dual Exhaust Kit
Our Price:$369.00
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Our Price:$817.00
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FORD RACING 2005-2008 MUSTANG V-6 MUFFLER KIT M-5230-V6 Ford Performance 2005-2009 V6 Mustang Dual Exhaust Kit
  • T-304 stainless construction
  • Louder, "throatier" exhaust note
  • 50 state drive-by noise legal
  • Includes muffler with Ford Racing embossed 3.5" exhaust tip

Muffler Installation Notes:

Install time takes less than an hour with common wrench and ratchet/socket set. The trick to installing any axle-back muffler setup on these cars is to unbolt the hangers from the car and remove the stock mufflers with the hanger brackets still on the muffler. Then you transfer the hanger brackets to the corresponding mounts on the new muffler and install/re-fasten the hangers and muffler back to the frame. Then repeat the process on the muffler on the other side of the car. Finally, you will fasten the mufflers to the respective axle pipes using the supplied clamps. These are OEM mufflers so the fitment and weld quality are accurate and strong.

If you try to remove/replace the mufflers by sliding/prying the mounts out of the hanger brackets, you will bend and damage the mufflers mounts. The hanger brackets are purposely setup in way that the muffler mounts cannot easily work themselves free from the hanger brackets on the car so don't try this method.
  • Fits 2005-2009 V-6 Mustang
  • Includes mufflers used as standard equipment on the 2008 Mustang Bullitt
  • Aluminized T-409 stainless body mufflers with polished T-304 stainless 3.5" diameter tips
  • Louder, "throatier" exhaust note
  • Includes the same X-pipe used as standard equipment on the Shelby GT and Shelby GT-H
  • Requires minor modification of rear bumper cover (template included in kit)
  • 50 state drive-by street legal (E.O. #D-598)

    Note: 409 stainless exhaust material is titanium stabilized ferritic stainless steel.
    409 stainless is used in applications where appearance is a secondary consideration to mechanical properties and corrosion resistance and where some weldability is required. An example of 409 stainless usage is catalytic converter assemblies.
    409 stainless has excellent forming characteristics and is rust through resistant.
    A surface rust will form in most instances. This rust retards further corrosion
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