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2012-2013 Boss 302 TracKey Calibration with ProCal Tool and K&N Panel Filter -- M-9603-MBTKA
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2012-2013 Boss 302 TracKey Calibration with ProCal Tool and KN Panel Filter -- M-9603-MBTKA

The highly sought after BOSS TracKey calibration is BACK and with more features than ever before. Recently, an update to Ford software created the inability of Ford dealerships to download and install the software for Boss 302 customers. This new Ford Performance offering remedies that issue. This kit comes with a Ford Performance ProCal 2 calibration tool with the exclusive TracKey calibration and a K&N performance drop-in panel air filter. Additionally, this tool offers the customer the ability to modify tire size and rear axle ratio settings in the calibration as well as read and erase diagnostic trouble codes.

TracKey is a 50 state legal aftermarket engine performance software upgrade for the 2012-2013 Boss 302 and Boss 302 Laguna Seca. It is not compatible with any other vehicle.

TracKey is an exclusive Ford Performance calibration that provides added functionality to 2012-2013 Boss 302 owners. This calibration includes these exclusive features:

  • Driver adjustable Launch Control, or "2-step engine speed limiting"
  • Driver adjustable Pit Lane Speed Control
  • Lopey idle

The TracKey calibration provides the customer with a unique dual key experience that activates the TracKey features once it has been installed. The dual key experience relies on the black key and red key that were included in the original vehicle purchase. The TracKey calibration installation and Ford dealership key re-assignment will make the black key the street key for the stock Boss 302 street tune and the red key the TracKey for the Ford Performance Trackey tune. The TracKey calibration is sold through Ford Performance Retailers. The calibration is downloaded via the exclusive ProCal 2 flash tool that's included. The key re-assignment is done by the Ford dealership service department using their diagnostic tools. The cost of the key re-assignment is not included in this offering and labor rates will vary from dealership to dealership. If you lost or misplaced the black key or red key that was included in the original vehicle purchase, then you can purchase replacement keys and have them cut at the local Ford dealership. There are no keys included in this offering.

How does TracKey work?

TracKey contains exclusive calibration features designed for track use and derived from the same software algorithms and features employed in Ford Performance turn-key race cars such as the Grand-Am Boss 302R, Boss 302S, and Cobra Jet.

Engine performance is similar to the calibration available in the Ford Performance M-FR1-MGTB performance pack and modifies several PCM parameters including:

  • Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing (TiVCT)
  • Engine braking
  • Ignition timing
  • Wide-Open Throttle fueling
  • Accelerator pedal map
  • Idle speed
  • Throttle response
  • Skip-shift disable (Available for 2012 BOSS 302, not necessary on 2013 model)

NOTE: Sales are final. This TracKey software offering is not returnable after purchase.

NOTE: Federal and state laws prohibit any person from installing aftermarket add-on or modified parts prior to the sale of a new motor vehicle.

NOTE: Requires the use of 91-octane or higher ("premium") fuels at all times.

NOTE: Due to multiple powertrain calibrations, online registration is required to receive Pro-Cal calibration delivery tool after purchase. Ford Performance does not ship Pro-Cal tools directly overseas. Customers must make special arrangements with their Ford Performance Distributor. Powertrain calibrations are developed and supported for U.S. and Canadian vehicles only.

NOTE: The TracKey software and calibration are copyrighted works of Ford Motor Company and are protected under US copyright law. They may not be uploaded or copied for any purpose including, but not limited to, calibration modification and/or distribution.

Please see attached instructions. The customer's vehicle will still have to have the key recognized/re-assigned as a TracKey at any Ford dealer. For Technical assistance, please contact the Ford Performance Techline at (800) 367-3788.

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