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Ford Racing Supercharger Systems:
The MOST Tested and Proven Supercharger Kits and Calibrations on the Market

  • 100 hours of extreme durability testing
  • Tested in Ford's Climatic (-40F to 131F) and Altitude facility (-282 ft. to 12,000 ft.)
  • Fitted and tested in real world conditions through the Ford Arizona Proving Grounds, high altitude locations, and much more.
  • 50 State Emissions Legal
It was developed by Ford Racing engineers, in close collaboration with Ford Motor Company's powertrain engineers and Whipple. The video above illustrates the testing process and facilities that Ford Racing engineers utilize to design, test, and create the correct software calibrations to ensure that your Shelby GT500 performs properly over a wide range of conditions with durability in mind.

"Superchargers are the ultimate in power upgrades for Mustang enthusiasts," says George Goddu, Ford Racing Performance Group Manager. "Calibration for a modern V8 engine is incredibly complex. Having [the OEM] knowledge base to work from is a huge advantage."

"In fact we had the whole engineering background of the engine right from initial concept," Goddu added. "With that knowledge base, and extensive collaboration across the team, we are able to offer a top-notch supercharger, induction kit and the optimum calibration. This results in great power, drivability and durability." "After more than 100 hours of accelerated durability testing, the entire Ford Racing package performed flawlessly" reports Dev Saberwal, Ford Racing's lead calibration engineer, "Ford Racing performance parts are subjected to extensive testing to ensure optimum performance across a broad range of conditions."

This supercharger comes as a complete package, and it's available in two levels: a 750 hp kit and a Tuner kit for racing and extreme enthusiasts. The 750 hp kit is a turn key solution that includes the upgraded Whipple twin screw supercharger assembly, Ford Racing exclusive upgraded fuel pump assembly, unique cold air intake system, spark plugs, fittings, hardware, and the all-important Ford Racing Pro-Cal software calibration. The tuner kit consists of just the superior Whipple Supercharger Assembly which is the basis of the 750HP kit but is designed for projects where further modification to the setup is planned and custom tuning will be used for proper calibration. The Ford Racing calibration is not supplied in the tuner kit. Each of these impressive kits gives 2011 Shelby GT500 owners the opportunity to boost the performance of their cars to new levels.

Nobody puts more time and resources into the development than Whipple and Ford Racing. The proof is in the product, more power per pound of boost than any other system. The key to making such incredible reliable power is in the Whipple unique twin screw supercharger, oversized Crusher air system, and innovative Ford Racing PCM programming that keeps the powertrain safe and secure. Whether you're looking for a daily driver that needs a little more punch or you're craving a tire-frying, rubber shredding street machine, the Ford Racing supercharger upgrade systems deliver like no other system today. Power from tip-in to redline, the new Whipple/Ford Racing supercharger system makes incredible power across the entire rpm range while maintaining industry leading drive-ability.

With years of OEM and racing experience, Ford engineers have developed a unique PCM calibration that reconfigures all the necessary engine functions including fuel, spark, knock detection, torque management, transmission control and electronic throttle control. The vehicles PCM constantly monitors the engines torque output while monitoring many different parameters to keep the engine in it's ideal parameters. If a parameter falls below specification, the PCM will lower boost and torque output until the problem can be cured. No other calibration in the field has such technology, giving the Whipple-FRPP SC system unheralded performance and reliability.
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2007-2012 SHELBY GT500 TVS Supercharger 2.6 Inch Pulley (Adds 4-5 lbs of boost) -- GT 210261 SHELBY GT500 UPGRADED 90MM ADJUSTABLE IDLER ARM ASSEMBLY -- GT 9000
Our Price:$159.67

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Our Price:$249.97
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2007-2012 SHELBY GT500 TVS Supercharger 2.6 Inch Pulley (Adds 4-5 lbs of boost) -- GT 210261 SHELBY GT500 UPGRADED 90MM ADJUSTABLE IDLER ARM ASSEMBLY -- GT 9000
These pieces are the highest quality supercharger pulleys for your Shelby GT500. This pulley is a 10-rib 2.6 inch diameter drive pulley for the aftermarket TVS Supercharger. It is meant to have a stock look while allowing you to gain performance with an additional 4 psi of boost on the TVS supercharger.

As with any supercharger pulley upgrade, an aftermarket computer calibration is required and is not included. The Ford Racing ProCal tuner does not support this supercharger pulley change.

The OEM tensioner arm does not have enough range of motion to ensure proper belt tension. Failure to purchase and install our tensioner arm assembly when using a smaller than stock supercharger pulley will result in belt slippage under acceleration.

Why these pulleys are better

  • Each pulley consists of precision machined grooves to ensure proper fitment with the belt. Inferior designed grooves will rip belts apart. The pulley to belt contact area is a critical design element and the pulley design is the result of many revisions to virtually eliminate slippage.
  • To eliminate the issue of the pulley slipping on the supercharger shaft, these pulleys are honed bore, round & straight within .0002.
  • Proper Lead-in is designed into each pulley to ensure that the it goes on straight.
  • Made In the USA
  • Components are CNC machined out of high quality aluminum.
  • High quality Type III hard coat anodized finish.
  • True double-bearing setup can withstand anything you throw at it!
  • Will work with ALL available superchargers, including the Kenne Bell!
  • Designed to work with most common supercharger pulleys.
  • Simple installation without modification!
Ford Performance Upgraded 5.4L GT500 Aluminum Intercooler -- M-6775-MSVT
List Price:$1,099.00
Our Price:$940.00
You save $159.00!
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Ford Performance Upgraded 5.4L GT500 Aluminum Intercooler -- M-6775-MSVT
  • Fits 2007-2013 Mustang Shelby GT500 5.4L and 5.8L 4V engine
  • Excellent upgrade for prior model 2007-2012 GT500 and 5.4L Cobra Jet Mustangs
  • Freer flowing with less restriction and more efficient heat extraction than the production intercooler resulting in a cooler air charge and more power.  This more efficient intercooler also reduces heat soak and power drop-off.
  • This upgraded intercooler is an OEM production quality piece and is designed to replace the stock intercooler located inside the intake manifold underneath the supercharger compressor.
  • A great piece to compliment the installation of the Ford Racing Twin Screw 725-750HP supercharger kits.  Why not upgrade the intercooler while your swapping the compressor right?
  • Aluminum construction
  • Standard equipment on 2013 GT500 5.8L 4V
  • Includes supercharger and charge cooler gasket and o-rings
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