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2005-2006 Ford GT Ford Racing Parts FRPPIn the tradition of authentic GT racers, the Ford GT's doors wrap up into the roof and its quarter-panel scoops channel fresh air to the engine, which is the heart and soul of this modern American exotic. It simply looks and performs like nothing else on the road. Once its hand-built, all-alloy 550-horsepower supercharged V-8 is experienced at full song, the words "Powered by Ford" will surely define performance for a whole new generation of enthusiasts.

In production form, the all-new Ford GT captures the very essence of Ford Racing, as well as the hearts and imagination of every blue-blooded Ford enthusiast. Ford Racing Performance Parts is actively developing performance components to help each owner customize their Ford GT to their personal desires.

Those who own a Ford GT can still benefit from FRPP's ongoing development of Ford GT components. That's because FRPP has developed ways to utilize enhanced hardware created for the Ford GT. Now, you can add more performance for your supercar with Ford GT components by Ford Racing Performance Parts.

Appearance Engine Exhaust

The Ford GT is a beautiful supercar. But for some owners, stock doesn't cut it. Ford Racing now offers high quality dress up and appearance parts for your Ford GT. These parts include billet aluminum fill caps, license plate frams, coil pack covers, and even polished aluminum shift lever.

Some of these parts will also fit Mustang GT's and other Ford vehicles. The Ford GT Billet Oil Fill Cap looks great and will 1986-2004 Mustang GT's. The micro polished billet aluminum coil pack covers feature a Ford Racing logo and fit most 1999 and newer 4.6L and 5.4L DOHC engines with coil on plug ignition.

The Ford Racing Ford GT seat covers and Ford GT aluminum shift knob are designed specifically for the Ford GT and add to the overall appeal of the Ford GT's modern interior design.

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The Ford GT is a supercar with some all American V8 power. But the soud is very subdued. Yes it sounds refined because the Ford GT is a refined car. But that all American V8 rumble is missing from the picture. Well, if you want to hear that supercharged 5.4L V8 roar, then Ford Racing has the answer for you.

The Ford Racing Ford GT exhaust systems are designed for performance driven sound, lower backpressures, increased performance, and even all out racing. Ford offers a performance muffler, long tube headers, or even a rear exit header kit designed for track use that has race type mufflers (if you want to call them mufflers). The Ford GT has great stereo system, but for some, the best sounds are coming out of the two pipes at the rear. These exhaust upgrades are only available from Ford Racing. That's right they are Ford Racing exclusives.
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